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We offer personalized, caring, dedicated coaching to low-income young adults, alongside tuition assistance, academic advisement, enrollment assistance, and emotional support. Our team has more than twenty years of experience in this area

Our Mission

The Purpose of Edu-Tech
Why We Decided To Help Young Students In Need

While at an educational event, a homeless high school student asked Dr. Charles Barker if he could help her get into college. Initially, Dr. Barker did not know how to respond, because he had no experience in doing so. After thinking about his core values, beliefs and the person he had become, he immediately responded…Yes, I can help you get into college, and I will. Seeing the young student’s face light up with hope sparked a flame in Dr. Barker. Not knowing how he would accomplish the goal, he kept his focus on one of his core values, “If a child wants to better themselves and ask for my help, I will never say no.”

This core value drove Dr. Barker to look deep within himself, asking a series of questions:
– How can I truly help this student?
– What resources do I need to do so?
– How do I and others contact this homeless teenager?
– What will the process entail?
– Where will the money come from?
– Where do I begin?

Realizing the extraordinary task, he partnered with his wife and experienced educator, Dr. Sheila Barker, to accomplish the goal. Together the Barkers spent countless hours, interviewing the homeless student, placing phone calls to college administrators, driving to multiple college campuses throughout Georgia, writing and responding to e-mails, forwarding text and fax documents, in addition to attending various academic functions.

Several months later, the student was admitted to Savannah State University, and has since graduated with honors.

Helping someone succeed, who had lost hope is extremely rewarding; especially, when you are not sure how to help. This is why we created Edu-Tech Enterprises, Inc., so people who want to help, but don’t have the time to run errands, make phone calls, or visit campuses can still help deserving students in need.

We help deserving underprivileged students because it helps us live life with a greater purpose. Beyond our success as professionals, we want to know we have helped others in need by truly living our core values and beliefs. By doing this, we feel better about ourselves when making positive changes in the lives of others. In short, we believe helping others is one of the best ways to be happy and live a fulfilled life. That is why we are committed to helping young underprivileged students.