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Do you have a young adult to nominate for our program? Contact our team for information about how you can help them succeed through our process. You may also contact us with questions about how to get involved or donate your time. Thank you!




Frequently Asked Questions

Is Edu-Tech Enterprises a School?

No, Edu-Tech Enterprises, Inc. is a non-profit (501 (c) (3)) organization.

We are an organization that consists of urban educators who have more than forty years of experience as administrators, teachers, counselors, and lawyers, whose main objective is to send underprivileged children to college.

We have working relationships with the Georgia Board of Regents, Technical Schools of Georgia, the Georgia Finance Commission, United Way of Greater Atlanta, the Georgia Youth Opportunities Initiative, Feed The Children’s Campaign, just to mention a few.

** All Donations made to our organization can be claimed on your taxes.

What does Edu-Tech Enterprises do?

We help underprivileged youth attend College, University, Technical or Military Institutions. We help them achieve on all levels, becoming productive citizens, who contribute to their family and community in positive ways.

Youth we focus on are typically:
– First generation college youth
– Youth from low income families
– Homeless youth
– Youth victims of sex trafficking
– Foster care youth

Why does Edu-Tech help youth?

We help youth because it helps us live with purpose. Beyond our success as professionals, we want to know we have helped others in need by truly honoring our core values and beliefs. By doing this, we feel better about ourselves and make positive changes in the lives of others. In short, we believe helping others is one of the best ways to help yourself. That is why we are committed to helping youth.

How does Edu-Tech find students/youth in need?

Edu-Tech staff works in collaboration with the Georgia Department of Education and statewide school based homeless liaisons, community groups, and referrals, to find underprivileged youth students in need.

How many students does Edu-Tech help a year?

Edu-Tech helps between fifty to one hundred students per year. We are looking to grow this number with support from donors like you.

Why does Edu-Tech Enterprises need your help?

We need your help because it takes a community to raise a child. Unfortunately, many youth do not have active parents or guardians to help raise them. This in turn contributes to increased poverty, failure and crime throughout our society and the world.

When we come together as a community and help these at risk youth, we are ensuring a better future for all of us.

Your help really makes a difference in the lives of someone who thinks they don’t matter much.

How are donated funds actually used for students and Edu-Tech business needs?

The majority of the donated funds are used to help with college tuitions and incidentals for students. Twenty percent of donations are used for employee salaries and administrative cost.

What portion of donated funds goes toward employee salaries?

Twenty percent of donations are used for employee salaries and administrative cost.

Do you provide receipts for donations?

Yes, Edu-Tech provides receipts for donations.

How can I help Edu-Tech outside of donating funds?

You can help Edu-Tech staff by being a community activist and providing contact information for underprivileged students who have earned the chance to get a college, university, or technical school degree.

Does Edu-Tech collaborate with other organizations?

Edu-Tech collaborates with groups and organizations who share the same basic values, when it comes to helping the youth students, who are in need and want to pursue a post-secondary education.