Our Impact

Success Stories

Edu-Tech Enterprises has helped the following students with tuition assistance, getting into higher education, and navigating the first years at their institution. We thank all of our members who donated, assisted, and ultimately made these stories possible.



Kennesaw State University  |  Major: Political Science

Edu-Tech and Mr. & Mrs. Barker have been a great help to me in my journey to and through college. I’m definitely very appreciative of the efforts that The Barkers put in to make sure I continue to stay on track. There’s always a genuine feeling when I speak to them and I automatically fill comfortable. Edu-Tech is a great opportunity for me and I will make sure I handle my business at my school.


Kennesaw State University |  Major: Elementary Education

The Barkers and Achieve Atlanta have provided me with the help I need to make sure there is consistent support provided for each and every scholarship recipient.


University of Georgia |  Major: Art Education

My major is Art Education and one thing I would like to say about being a part of the achieve Atlanta program is that I feel like I am cared about as an individual and not as a number like many other programs.


Kennesaw State University |  Major: Exercise Science

Dr. Charles Barker and Dr. Sheila Barker have really helped me throughout my time in college in multiple ways, such as making sure I was set financially, socially, and academically. We have had discussions about a lot of different things which are beneficial because having someone to talk to is extremely important when something is new to you. The Barkers have been extremely vital in my first year for college success and I hope to have them throughout my college career. Thanks guys! I really appreciate you!!!


University of Georgia  |  Major: Biology

The Barkers have helped me transition into the college student I am today. When first starting college I was not aware of the difficulties that I would face and I was not prepared for them. The Barkers offered a listening ear and helping hand whenever something was going on, whether good or bad. When dealing with things on campus they would either guide me on how to approach and fix the situation or fix the situation themselves. This summer I enrolled in classes at a different college and the Barkers were there every step of the way, encouraging me to be the best student I could be. When I faced difficulty with professors at the university they were diligent with helping me and finding a solution. When I struggled academically they encouraged me to be my best going forward. Most importantly they helped me keep a scholarship that they knew I so badly needed.


Berkley School of Music  |  Major: Music

When I met the Barkers, I was basically homeless, living in Dublin, Ga. I had a dream of attending Berkley School of Music in Boston, Massachussetts. They continued to encourage me and opened the doors to this prestigeous school. I owe ecerything to them. They visited me in Boston and advised me. I will graduate 2018. I will not forget them.


Kennesaw State University  |  Major: Political Science

Edu-Tech has helped me with scheduling my classes and advising where I need to go for help in my studies. The Barkers have helped me get in touch with a lot of faculty on campus. They met with me and called to make sure my studies were on point and I did what I needed to do to be the best I can be on campus.


Univaersity of Georgia |  Major: Biological Sciences, Pre-Med

Thank you to Edu-Tech and the Barkers for all the assistance and support. The information and words of advice they gave were the key to success my freshman year. I am immensely grateful.